David Williams is the Head of Piano and Chapel Organist of Tonbridge School. During his time at the Royal College of Music he was a member of the choir of St Michael’s, Cornhill, a repetiteur for the Royal Ballet and an accompanist for several singers and string players in particular. These activities formed what became for him a future in the field of Church music and piano accompanying, both of which he now practises continually.

As an organist he has given recitals in St Paul’s and Westminster Cathedrals, and last year at Westminster Abbey. At Tonbridge School Chapel he has given UK premieres of works by Philip Glass and Larry King and he specialises in 20th and 21st Century organ music.

As a pianist he has accompanied hundreds of singers and instrumentalists in programmes including, for example, the complete music for piano and strings by Brahms at a London City church where he was in charge of Lunchtime Recitals for several years. His collaborations with the singer Graham Trew over many years have involved the performance of a large part of the English Song repertoire, including a celebration of Housman in the Opera House in Cape Town. Together they have recently produced a CD of thirty songs by contemporary British composers.

He is writing, albeit at a glacial pace, a book on the art of piano practice.

London Concert Choir concerts:

(20 May 2012)