West London Action for Children
West London Action for Children - Teacher with Three Children

West London Action for Children is a small and highly focussed independent charity helping vulnerable children and families in need, in the Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham and the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea.  Now in its 93rd year, we continue to support families under stress to develop their confidence and skills to cope with the ordinary and extraordinary challenges of family life. 

Our purpose is to promote the wellbeing of children in need, working with them, their families and carers to help them achieve positive change.  We do this through the services of a professional team which has provided free counselling and therapeutic help to over 450 vulnerable children and young people and their families in this year alone.

We work with children, teenagers and families facing issues including:  extreme behaviour, poor school attendance, underachievement, bullying, violence, depression, divorce, bereavement, emotional and relationship difficulties. Problems like these are often further complicated by additional stresses such as poverty, domestic violence, mental health concerns, substance abuse, unemployment and poor housing. 

We offer a menu of relevant and innovative individual and family counselling and therapy services to children, young people and parents.  These accessible and confidential services are continually developed in response to client feedback and outcome research.  We focus on clients’ strengths and resilience.  Our team are trained in social work, psychology, counselling and family therapy using a solution-focussed approach.

We receive funding from a wide range of sources, trust funds and foundations, livery companies, companies, schools, churches but none more important than the individual donations upon which we are so dependent, particularly from events such as this.

15 Gertrude Street, London SW10 0JN / Tel: 020 7352 1155

Partner Website:  https://www.wlac.org.uk/

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