Seafarers UK

Since being formed in 1917 as King George’s Fund for Sailors, Seafarers UK remains the leading grant-making charity for the whole UK maritime sector, supporting seafarers across the Royal Navy, Royal Marines, Merchant Navy and Fishing Fleets. Grants of £2.5 million per annum are awarded to more than 100 organisations that provide practical help and financial assistance for people in the maritime community, including vital funding for seafarers in need and their families:

As an ‘island nation’ we depend on our seafarers to defend our shores, trade with other countries and import essential fuel and food. The job of a seafarer is therefore vital, but also demanding and hazardous with a much greater chance of injury than many other professions. A large number of those serving will be facing problems of very different kinds; long periods of separation from friends and family, extended periods of duty, fatigue, and working heavy machinery whilst being exposed to harsh weather. 

Such dangers and difficulties can lead to disability, depression, debt, relationship breakdown, homelessness or even death. Our funding enables seafarers to access advice and information, adapt to life on shore, re-train and find new employment. It also improves their quality of life by helping to provide the essentials of daily living that a small pension (or none) cannot cover. Often it may be the family of a seafarer who has been injured, held hostage or who has subsequently passed away that require assistance.

Because Seafarers UK works closely with all of the organisations that support seafarers and their dependants, we can target donations where they will make the biggest difference. Seafarers UK receives no government funding and relies on donations and fundraising to be able to carry on providing long-term aid.

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